I must confess to being one of those MAMIL’s! Middle Aged Man in Lycra! Every Sunday morning come rain, sleet, wind or sunshine (yeah right) I am there donning my lycra, setting up my garmin computer and strava profiles, and hitting the hills for a few hours of fun and pain. Afterwards the bike is cleaned and maintained with as much TLC and pride as though it was part of the family.

4 years ago when I first go into road cycling little thought was taken into the maintenance of the bike let along the thought of buying tools to help preserve the life of this racing machine. Merely a cheap Allen key or some chain lube was enough to see the job done when the bike got a bit squeaky at times.

As things got a little more serious the purchase of a new full carbon bike was on the cards and more research in to maintenance and making the bike as efficient as possible with smooth bearings, lighter wheels, stiffer bottom brackets!. Wheels that cost the same as an “ordinary bike” in itself which 4 yrs ago I would have laughed at the thought yet now I wanted the best. I wanted the bike to be the best. I wanted to invest hours of time on youtube at videos of how to fix the bike, make things better which in turn led to buying not the cheapest tools on the market but looking at quality tools which would last and make the job easier to do. I lost count of how many times I bought cheap tools or parts just to get the job done because at the time I thought every allen key, wrench, bolts were the same. How wrong was I?

Yes we can all do recruitment on the cheap. Whether we advertise in local papers, free ads on gumtree, job board postings we can all have a half hearted attempt at it and feel that we saved a little money here or there. But is this a short term fix? a little pat on the back to say well done on that recruitment campaign you saved us a few pounds. That cheap bolt you tightened up – has it started to corrode? Is it going to be a nightmare to remove now as the edges have rounded? It is going to take you hours of hours of frustration to order new parts as no one stocks it now.

Recruitment isn’t about saving money short term. Its about selecting the right tool for the right job. Its perfectly fine to have some basic bike maintenance tools for the odd job here or there for someone who rides twice a year in summer but for a business that’s growing or simply wants the best talent out there then selecting an executive search and selection recruitment company should and will make your job easier.

Getting the right tool (right recruitment partner) selecting the right amount of time to conduct the bike maintenance (recruitment project time scales) and with guidance your bike and you will become one. You and your recruitment partner should be able to read each other, get a real understanding of what makes each other tick, be able to ask the right amount of questions and guide each other into attracting and hiring the best people for your company. It’s Time to Invest in Quality.

~ Carl Boslem